• After salon-hopping for a couple of years, a friend (who has, to put it mildly, one of the most fantastic haircuts I've ever seen) referred me to Sara Marsh.  I am not great at communicating what I want done to my hair--I tend to think I'm super laid back about it, only to get cranky when it doesn't look right, without any real understanding of WHY I don't think it looks right--but Sara managed to nail it, even with my Beaker-like waving and gesturing. Sara is also really great with color!  She cut and dyed my hair, and I have to say, it has never looked better.  A month and a half later, I'm STILL getting compliments about both the cut and the color.  The only reason I haven't been back is that I moved 14 hours away, but you better believe I'm going in to see her when I go back to visit (she's that good). Sara is a hair magician--she's super detail-oriented and does an immaculate job, period.
    - Cat Monroe
  • I'm a gentleman and I get my hair cut by the lovely and charming Sara Marsh.   My hair looks quite possibly the best that it ever has thanks to her prodigious skill. The ladies in my life all unanimously concur and that's no small feat.  I also agree with the other reviewers- she does give a mean scalp massage.  
    - Neal Leaheey
  • After going through cheap hair cuts and highlights (aka split ends and bleach), I found Sara. Her cuts and color always reflect her true caring and attentive personality.  I have never left disappointed, and growing from short to long has never been easier. If you want the best, Sara is your gal!
    - Michelle Martinka
  • Sara is hands down the best hair stylist I've ever had. I've always left everyone else thinking, "it will grow in eventually". When I leave Sara's chair I never have that feeling...and my hair looks fantastic from day one. People always compliment not only my cut, but also my color. My boyfriend even has an appointment with her....he hasn't let anyone touch his hair in ten years! The price is right, the atmosphere is calm and happy, and you will always leave feeling beautiful. No matter where I may move to in the future, I hope I can always see sara! She's worth the trip.
    - Jennifer Siakotos
  • I have lived in Providence for six years, and I can honestly say that I've never had a better experience in a salon than I do with Sara. Not only is she a gifted stylist, she's also easygoing, funny, and personable. She can transform even the most lackluster locks into something special without charging an arm and a leg. I've sat in her chair with no idea what to do with my hair and she's helped me find something beautiful. And I've sat down with pictures and a "please do this" attitude and she not only gives me what I want but improves on it. I would never go to anyone else but Sara.
    - Beth Hicks

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